Maintenance Budget Incentive Program

As always, we encourage departments to develop diverse applicant pools and to select the best qualified candidate. We define diverse faculty as those who meet “identified needs within the University of Arkansas, particularly those individuals who offer diversity in areas where under-representation exists or who bring a unique perspective because of personal or professional backgrounds and expertise.” The University is committed to providing a rich learning environment in which all students benefit from having the opportunity to study with faculty from diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Once again, this academic year, if a unit is successful in hiring a well-qualified, diverse faculty member, the unit becomes eligible to apply to the Office of the Provost for the “Maintenance Budget Enhancement Opportunity”:

  1. Departments which are successful in adding one or more qualified diverse tenured/ tenure-track faculty members, will be considered and may be selected for an increase of 30% (permanent dollars) to their unit’s existing (0102) maintenance budget;
  2. Departments will be asked to articulate how the faculty member hired will contribute to the achievement of both University and school/college goals and objectives.
  3. Departments receiving budget enhancements will be expected to place a strong emphasis on mentoring and other aspects of helping retain faculty and prepare them for success in the promotion and tenure process;
  4. If the faculty member leaves the university prior to successful tenure, the 30% will be returned to the Provost’s Office prior to the start of the next fiscal year;
  5. If the faculty member successfully earns tenure the unit will retain the 30%;
  6. Any unit with more than one search is only eligible for the 30% total increase; any unit with a split-funded position is eligible for an increase proportionate to the campus funding for the position.

All applications for the Maintenance Budget Enhancement Opportunity must be received in the Office of the Provost by May 15, 2012 using the Maintenance Budget Incentive Program Form. Departments selected to receive the enhancement will be notified by June 15, 2012.