Administration Boards, Committees & Councils

Administration Boards, Committees and Councils

Administration Committees (whether termed board, council, court or committee) report to the chancellor or a vice chancellor.  The committees have three principal functions:  1) to recommend policy, 2) to recommend operating procedures and practices, and 3) to recommend adjudications of conflicts or competing needs.

The annual period of service for committees is from July 1 to June 30.  The office principally concerned with the activities of a committee will provide reasonable administrative support.  Chairpersons for certain committees are designated by the person to whom they report; some committees elect their chairpersons; and some committees are chaired by specified ex officio members.  Each committee selects its own secretary.  Selections of chairpersons and secretaries for the following year shall be accomplished at, or before, the last meeting of the year and reported in the annual report. 

A recommendation to implement any changes regarding the description, duties, or composition of the committees shall be submitted to the provost.  The recommended changes will be distributed to all the vice chancellors who appoint committees, to the head of the office advised by the committee (if there is one), and to the committee chair for comments.  Following receipt of a recommendation, the provost will submit to the chancellor for approval or modification and will implement and promulgate.

Nominations & Appointments

Appointments will be made by the chancellor or the vice chancellor to whom the committee reports, and appointment is generally made from persons nominated through the processes described below, although appointment is not restricted to nominees. New appointments become effective at the beginning of the fiscal year. Appointments made to fill vacancies created in mid year may be made at the time the vacancy occurs.

Faculty positions on the administration committees are filled by a process that begins with nominations to the chancellor or vice chancellor made by the Committee on Committees, the academic dean of the college represented, or whomever is specified in the text on committee composition below.

Appointments of faculty are for three-year terms and are arranged so that approximately one-third of the faculty membership is new each year. After completing a term, faculty are not generally eligible for reappointment to the same committee for a succeeding term. However, there are several exceptions to term and succession specifications. The Institutional Review Board on the Use of Human Subjects, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and the Patent and Copyright Committee members have five-year terms and can be reappointed.

Chairpersons and heads of academic departments who serve on administration committees may do so as faculty representatives, but other administrators including deans and assistant and associate deans may not serve as faculty representatives.

Designated School, College, Office or Area Representatives on administration committees are appointed by the chancellor or vice chancellor following nominations by the dean or director of the unit represented. Ex officio members, such as "Associate Vice Chancellor for UITS," will be reminded of their need to serve by the person to whom the committee reports. Designated representatives and ex officio members will serve at the pleasure of the persons appointing them.

Undergraduate student positions on administration committees are filled following recommendations by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs from nominees submitted by the Student Senate, or another body as indicated in the committee description, with the exception of the ROTC student positions -- these are filled by the provost after consultation with the Air Force and Army ROTC commandants. Appointment of undergraduate students will be made by September 15th and will be for one-year terms. Student members may succeed themselves.

Graduate student positions are filled by the chancellor or vice chancellor who appoints the committee, following nomination by the Dean of the Graduate School, and consultation with the committee's chairperson. Appointment of graduate students will be for one-year terms, and they may be reappointed.

Community Representatives to administration committees are chosen by the chancellor or vice chancellor who appoints the committee, after consultation with the committee's chairperson. Community representatives are appointed for one-year terms, and they may be reappointed.

Staff positions (except designated positions) on administration committees are filled following recommendations by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration from nominees submitted by the Staff Senate. Appointments are for three-year terms, and staff may not succeed themselves except at the discretion of the appointing vice chancellor when there is a special need.

The Committee on Committees, the Student Senate, or the Staff Senate will select at least two nominees for each undesignated position to be filled, after announcing vacancies, inviting applications, and obtaining the consent of anyone nominated. In consideration of the need to secure broad representation including female and racial minority members, lists of nominees will include name, sex, race, academic department (for faculty nominees), academic major and year or class (for student nominees) and job title and place of service (for staff).

Nominations and recommendations should be submitted to the office of the person who appoints each committee by May 1 each year, with the exception of the undergraduate student appointees as noted above.

Committee Responsibilities

A quorum (more than 50 percent of the members) is required to conduct business. Committees will meet at the call of the chairperson or on petition of more than 25 percent of the members. A minimum of two meetings shall be held each year; more meetings are encouraged as concerns and needs require. Each committee shall keep minutes and distribute them promptly to all members with the official copy to be filed in the Office of the Provost.

An annual report of that year's activities shall be filed by June 30 of each year by the chairperson with the Office of the Provost. The report should be submitted in electronic format, as a Word document. It should be succinct but comprehensive and should give prominence to any recommended revisions in policies, practices, and procedures of the University. The name of the person elected to chair the committee the following year should also be included in the report. The Office of the Provost will distribute copies of the annual reports to the chancellor and other vice chancellors.

The provost is responsible for keeping the official file for administration committee activities and membership.

No later than June 30 each year, the appointing official for each committee should send a list of the members (new and continuing) with the chairperson indicated to the Office of the Provost. Recommended changes in committee structure, function, or membership should be reported promptly to that office. The provost will provide official committee structure, function, and membership for publication at the UA website.

Provost Sharon Gaber

Sharon Gaber
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs