Faculty Handbook: Policies Governing Faculty Service
3.9  Patent and Copyright Policy

While inventions are not the primary objective of university research, when they occur the University of Arkansas has the responsibility of insuring that such inventions are used and controlled in a manner that benefits the public, the inventor, and the university to the fullest extent possible. It shall be the policy of the university to acquire and retain legal title to all inventions created by any person or persons to whom this policy is applicable. Inventors shall retain rights in inventions which the university has chosen not to claim under this policy or pledged to a third party as a result of a grant, contract, cooperative agreement, or other sponsored research agreement. This policy shall apply to all persons employed, compensated or appointed by the University and to anyone using facilities owned, operated, or controlled by the University. It shall also apply to all inventions financed, in whole or in part, from funds under the control of the University. There are both Universitywide and Fayetteville campus Patent and Copyright Committees. The Fayetteville campus committee is responsible for implementing the University Patent and Copyright Policy for the campus and for the Division of Agriculture. See Board Policy 210.1 at http://www.uasys.edu/policies/210.1.PDF for details.