Faculty Handbook: Campus Services
4.6.G  Parking on Campus

Regulations for parking and traffic control, with appropriate penalties for violations, have been approved by the Board of Trustees. Any person who parks a vehicle on campus must display a valid parking permit on that vehicle, or park at a parking meter and pay the posted meter fee. Parking permits and copies of regulations with maps indicating authorized parking zones may be obtained from the Transit and Parking Department in the Administrative Services Building at 155 S. Razorback Road or the Parking Office in the Harmon Avenue Garage. Faculty/Staff permits should be purchased and Reserved permits renewed using a payroll deduction plan or credit card on the Internet at https://myparkingaccount.uark.edu. Faculty hosting events on or inviting guests to campus are responsible for coordinating parking for their guests through the Transit and Parking Department. Call 575-PARK (7275) for further information. Parking information is also available on the web at http://parking.uark.edu/.

See also A.C.A 25-17-307 and Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 320.0 and 320.1.