Faculty Handbook: Campus Services
4.6.I  Lost and Found Operating Procedures

Facilities Management Central Supply has been designated as the central repository and controlling agency responsible for lost and found property for the University campus. Other departments on campus have a lost and found designation for the department and contact information available at the following link: http://lostandfound.com/universityofarkansas.  

All designated Lost & Found locations log found property, as it is delivered, into the online log using Returnity™ Lost & Found software. The public log, which is accessible for viewing by anyone via the Internet, can be accessed on the home page of the University’s web site http://www.uark.edu/by clicking on the “Current Students” or “Visitors and Fans” buttons at the top of the page. The link is listed as “Lost & Found” which takes the inquirer to the Lost & Found public log of found property.

Designated personnel log found property and provide the following information: Item Type, Where Lost/Found, Make, Color, Description and Location. A “Report Number” is automatically assigned to each new Case Report. The “Reserved Description” field is available only to the designated/registered log users to record information about the property which only the owner would know.

  1. Logging Found Property
    1. All property delivered to Facilities Management Central Supply will be logged as found in the online log Returnity™. All property delivered to other Lost & Found locations which have Returnity™ software installed will be logged in the online log, and the location will be selected to indicate the location where the property resides. “Location” on the online form becomes “Claim Location” on the public online log and directs the inquirer to the appropriate department. If property is transferred to another department such as Central Supply (Facilities Management), the “Property Case Report” will be edited to select the new location.
    2. All articles delivered to Central Supply or the other campus locations that are identifiable to a specific individual will be logged with the individual’s name, address if shown, and any other information that is known. Such property will have every reasonable effort made to contact the individual to let the person know where to claim the property. Articles of value that have identifying characteristics (model #’s, serial #’s, special markings, etc.) will be screened through UAPD by calling 575-2222. Such contact will be noted in the comments section of the “Property Case Report.”
    3. Each article taken into Lost & Found will be identified with its “Report Number” and will be placed in a secure storage location.
    4. University ID cards will be logged and delivered by hand, as soon after receipt as is practical, to the Campus Card Office in the Arkansas Union.
    5. All University of Arkansas keys found and delivered to Central Supply or other Lost & Found locations will be logged and then turned in to the Facilities Management Key Office as soon as practical. Keys will be hand delivered to the Key Office. “Claim Location” will indicate FAMA Key Office.
  2. Disposition of Lost & Found Articles
    All unclaimed articles will be held for a minimum of 60 days. After 60 days articles will be assigned a final disposition. Items of value will be donated to a local charity such as The Salvation Army, Seven Hills Homeless Shelter, in the case of books, Ozarks Literacy Council, or other registered not-for-profit organizations that can provide appropriate documentation and agree to all University legal requirements. 
    Found cash will be deposited in a VCFA holding account via Facilities Management Accounting. Articles of a personal nature such as credit cards or driver’s licenses will be destroyed (shredded) and disposed of in a non-compromising manner. Articles such as soap, cosmetics, class notes, etc. will be destroyed. Check Books will be returned to the issuing bank and signed for by a bank representative. 
    Disposition of each item will be noted in the “Disposition” section of the “Property Case Report” by date and type of disposition. After disposition has been noted, the record will be deleted. All deleted records are available to the administrator(s) as a “View Deleted Records” report.
  3. Return of Property to the Rightful Owner
    1. When receiving inquiries regarding a lost article, the caller will be referred to the on line public log if they are in a position to access it, or the Lost & Found operator will review the log for them. If the property has not been logged, the caller will be referred to the Campus Lost & Found web site to report a lost item.
    2. If it appears that the item in question has been logged, the Lost & Found operator will check the log description, use the “Reserve Description” information and try to determine if the item in question is indeed the caller’s. If it is a match, the caller will be advised of the “Claim Location.” Disposition on the “Property Case Report” will indicate date, return to owner, released to and released by information, the form printed and signed by the owner at the time of pick up. The record will then be deleted from the log.
    3. The finder of lost property must advise Lost & Found if they desire or intend to claim the property if the rightful owner does not. Each instance of such claim by the finder must be reported in detail to the University’s Office of General Counsel for a determination of disposition on a case by case basis.
  4. Custodial Responsibility Of Lost & Found Property
    Campus Lost & Found locations assume responsibility for property only after it is delivered to the location. At that time the receiving location has the responsibility of protecting and securing the property until it is returned to the rightful owner or a final disposition pursuant to section B. is made.