Academic Policy  1405.121

Schedule of Deadlines and Notifications for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

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May 1*

Last day for chair /head (or directors) to inform each faculty member (including new faculty) in writing of the annual review schedule, criteria, workload assignment, procedures , requirements, and instruments for the upcoming academic year (including a copy of this schedule). Use Memo in Academic Policy 1405.12A.

May 5

Last day for non-tenure-track faculty members to request nomination for promotion in the Fall.

August 10

Last day for non-tenure-track faculty candidate for promotion to submit complete dossier for online review system {—dossiers for review can be emailed (or jump drives/cds shipped) to external peer reviewers} and internal (departmental and college) committees will use university online system.

September 15

Last day for chair /head (or directors) to inform each new nine- month non-tenure-track faculty member in writing of the criteria, workload assignment, procedures, and instruments that are to be used in assessing his or her work for the current year, including a copy of this schedule OR no later than 30 days after beginning employment in connection with a first appointment whenever employment begins.

October 1

Last day for candidate to be provided with a redacted copy of external review letters prior to unit committee review.

October 8

Deadline for candidate to respond in writing to any substantive issues raised in external review letters.

Between October 22** and November 19**

  • Unit committee sends to candidates for promotion a copy of its recommendation and statement of rationale.
  • Unit tenured faculty sends to candidates for promotion a copy of its recommendation and numerically recorded vote.
  • Chair/head of unit informs the faculty member in writing of his or her recommendation and the rationale.
  • Chair/head of units provide deans with nominations for non-tenure-track promotion.

December 10*

Last day for deans (or directors) to forward to provost nominations for non-tenure-track promotion. (The dean will have reported his or her recommendations and statements of rationale to the candidates for promotion and their chairs/heads prior to forwarding them to the provost.)

January 28*

Last day for provost to communicate recommendations (and rationale for negative recommendations) regarding a non-tenure-track promotion to candidates, chairs/heads, and deans.

March 30 *

Last day for annual review of each faculty member.

*Dates specified in Evaluative Criteria

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