Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion Includes You

Along with other departments and units on campus, the Provost’s Office has created their own departmental diversity and inclusion plan to support the broader efforts of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion as outlined in its strategic plan.

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Mission Statement

The Provost’s Office integrates diverse practices and embraces a culture of inclusivity where all individuals feel a sense of belonging and thoughts can be shared with professionalism and respect.

Notable Short-Term Initiatives:

  • Identify talents, strengths and aptitudes of individual team members by using one of the many “inventories” available, and use the assessments to better understand how colleagues process information.
  • Utilize certain meeting times to make diversity and inclusion the sole agenda item.
  • Once per semester, hold networking events for Provost’s staff centered around cultural themes.

Notable Mid-Term Goals

  • Create an inclusive space in the Provost’s Office to ensure it reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusion (displaying culturally diverse art, etc.)
  • Work with the Diversity and Inclusion Office to create a list of resources to help people self-educate regarding diversity and inclusion.
  • Incentivize team members to earn Diversity Certificate from HR

Offices covered by the diversity and inclusion plan

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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