Faculty Handbook: Introduction
Message from the Chancellor

Dear Faculty:

Welcome to the University of Arkansas. I firmly believe great universities begin with great faculty. They produce groundbreaking research, win grants and awards, and attract other scholars, artists, and scientists seeking collaborative opportunities. Great faculty also attract high-caliber graduate students who help build quality programs. Undergraduates, in turn, are attracted to those innovative, high-quality programs where they can learn from the best. Clearly, you are indispensable to the success of this university through your commitment to teaching, research, and outreach.

The policies and procedures set forth in the Faculty Handbook will acquaint you with the administration and governance of the University of Arkansas. Once you’ve settled into your new position, I encourage you to pursue academic excellence and preserve academic freedom through participation in university governance. Faculty leadership is indispensable to maintaining and improving the quality of this institution, and I hope you will join in that responsibility. We depend on your informed input and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for all you do.

Joe Steinmetz