Faculty Handbook: University of Arkansas: Administration and Governance
1.2  Fayetteville Campus Administration

Directly responsible to the Chancellor of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, are the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, the Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations, Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics and Director of Athletics, and the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion. Other members of the Chancellor’s Executive Committee are the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, the Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and the Associate Vice Chancellor.

Deans are the chief administrative officials of the colleges and schools. Deans, directors, and other administrative officials or units are responsible to the Provost/vice chancellors to whom they report, or, under certain circumstances, directly to the Chancellor, for the discharge of the duties and responsibilities placed upon them.

The general areas of administrative or academic responsibilities of each of these officials are indicated by the official titles that the individuals bear. Written charges, or memoranda of understanding, pertaining to specific areas of responsibility are prepared whenever such actions are considered necessary or appropriate.

The Academic Affairs Executive Group includes deans, vice provosts, and directors who report to the provost (and other officials as may be designated) and advises the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. The dean or director of each college, school, or other division is the executive head of the division. Such offices are responsible for and are empowered to execute university policies applicable to the school or college. They may require such reports from members of their faculty and staff as may be needed in the administrative work of their unit. They are responsible for recommending appointments, promotions, and other personnel changes to the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs after consultation with appropriate members of the department concerned, other related department heads, and the deans of other areas which may be affected. Deans and directors are authorized to determine the workload and assignments of the individual members of their faculty and staff.

The head or chair of a department is responsible for the general conduct of the affairs of the department. At least once in each semester they shall call a meeting of the departmental faculty for the purpose of discussing departmental affairs. The Dean appoints the head or chair of a department in consultation with departmental faculty and in concurrence with the Provost.