Other Governance Web Sites

The Rules of Procedure of the Faculty Senate document is provided below as Appendix A.

For current information regarding campus governance groups, including agendas, minutes, committees, membership, and annual reports, consult the Governance website maintained by the secretary of the Faculty Senate at http:// provost.uark.edu/faculty-senate.php.

For current information regarding the Graduate Council, the governance body of the Graduate School, see the website https://graduate-and-international.uark.edu/graduate/faculty-staff/committees-councils/graduate-council/index.php

For the UA organizational structure, see http://www.uark.edu/about/organizational-chart.pdf

For brief descriptions of University Centers and Research Units, see the listing maintained in the Catalog of Studies, http://catalog.uark.edu/generalinfo/universitycentersandresearchunits/

For more information about University of Arkansas campus, see http://campusmaps.uark.edu/

For memorable moments in the history of the institution, see the Historic Markers information at the Alumni website, https://www.uark.edu/about/historical-markers.php