Faculty Handbook: Academic Responsibilities of Faculty
2.13  Academic Integrity

Responsibility for understanding and adhering to the values of academic integrity, including being familiar with and complying with this policy, lies with individual students as members of the University community. The University shall assist students in meeting this responsibility through educational efforts such as training held during both undergraduate and graduate new student orientation, through on-line training modules, through program-level orientation and in individual classrooms. The University also provides a statement on academic integrity that faculty are encouraged to include in their course syllabi (see the “Faculty” section of the Academic Initiatives and Integrity website at honesty.uark.edu ). Faculty are also encouraged to define in their class syllabi terms such as “authorized/unauthorized collaboration” that may vary from course to course or instructor to instructor (refer to “Faculty” section of the Academic Initiatives and Integrity website for more information and suggestions). Again, however, as developing scholars, students must take the initiative to familiarize themselves with and clarify expectations regarding academic integrity: http://honesty.uark.edu/policy/.