Faculty Handbook: Academic Responsibilities of Faculty
2.34  Policy and Regulations

One additional faculty responsibility is to know and follow the policies and regulations of the state, the university, and their college or school. As not all policies related to faculty service and responsibilities can be collected and duplicated in one place, faculty should be aware not only of such information provided in the Faculty Handbook but should also be familiar with, or know how to consult, the following major policies and policy series for information on policies that apply to faculty members:

Academic Policy Series http://provost.uark.edu/policies/

Board of Trustees Policies http://www.uasys.edu/leadership/board-of-trustees/board-policies/

Catalogs http://catalog.uark.edu/

College and school personnel documents

(Consult with the department chair or dean regarding the school or college and departmental personnel documents.)

Fayetteville Policies and Procedures https://vcfa.uark.edu/fayetteville-policies-procedures/index.php

Schedules of Classes https://registrar.uark.edu/registration/schedule-of-classes.php