Faculty Handbook: Policies Governing Faculty Service
3.5  Concurrent Employment

Arkansas Code Ann. § 19-4-1604 & Arkansas Code Ann. § 6-63-307

Under certain circumstances and with prior approval, University employees may work for two University departments or two state agencies or institutions concurrently. The work performed for the second department, agency or institution must not interfere with the proper and required performance of the employee's duties in the primary position. The combined salary payments from both agencies or institutions must not exceed the maximum allowable salary for the higher paid position, except that, under Arkansas Code Ann. § 19-4-1604, state employees may teach temporarily at state-supported institutions of higher education even though their combined salaries will exceed the line item maximum. This exception is subject to the approval of the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State. The Secondary Employer initiates the form on the employee’s behalf. The form is then routed through Human Resources to the Primary Employer for completion. The Primary Employer returns the form to Human Resources for submission to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Little Rock.