Faculty Handbook: Benefits and Employment
4.2.H  Garnishment and Salary Liens

UA System Policy 440.9, April 29, 2016)

Any University employee is legally subject to having wages, and/or other amounts due from the University, seized by a court order of garnishment or by a governmental lien. The University is required to comply with an order of garnishment only where it is issued after a legal judgment has been entered against the employee-debtor. Governmental liens such as those arising from claims for unpaid taxes and from bankruptcy claims must also be honored.

When the University receives such court order or lien, it must pay over the appropriate amount to the clerk of the court or to the governmental agency. An employee’s defenses should be made to the court or governmental agency.

Because a substantial amount of administrative time and expense is involved for the University in processing such court orders and liens and because employees are expected to manage their financial obligations in a manner that does not bring discredit to the University, the University has a concern whenever such an order is issued against an employee and served upon the University. Repeated incidents of default in payments or the like for a University employee resulting in an order of garnishment and/or salary lien may be cause for dismissal.