Faculty Handbook: Business Affairs Regulations
4.3.H  Use of the University of Arkansas Name

The name of the University of Arkansas is used in a great many official business contexts and for a wide range of purposes. It is important to the institution that the use of the name “University of Arkansas” be limited to activities that are in fact activities of the university.

The following broad clarifications are applicable to most uses of the name of the university.

  1. Public Appearance
    Public appearances by individual faculty, staff, and students almost inevitably involve use of the name of       the university. Beyond the normal care which such responsibility imposes, there are certain specific policies which have been established. Students must, in order to be involved in extracurricular activities, meet eligibility requirements of the campus in which they are enrolled. Appearances in intercollegiate athletics are subject to rules of the NCAA. When university representatives appear on commercially sponsored radio and television programs, they should be identified as guests. Appearances on unsponsored radio and television programs are considered simply as public appearances and impose only normal obligations on the participant for responsibility and good taste.

  2. Sponsorship of Activities
    When the name of the university is used in connection with seminars, institutes, conferences, workshops, short courses, and other such activities, the university shall in fact be a sponsor, cooperating through an extension or departmental unit.

  3. Public Statements
    The chancellor of the university, through authority delegated to the office of university relations, is responsible for official statements affecting the university. News releases affecting the university system should be submitted to the office of the president, through the campus office of university relations.

Please see UA System Board Policy 100.7, “Use of University Name and Trademarks,” for more information.