Faculty Handbook: Business Affairs Regulations
4.3.J  University Publications and Stationery Guidelines

While the University of Arkansas traditionally has allowed freedom for departments and programs to generate their own publications and communications, there are guidelines that must be followed. The graphic identity manual is available at https://brand.uark.edu online.

Coordination with university relations is required before proceeding with the following:

  1. Publications that use an official university logo which are intended for audiences that communicate a general message about the university, including any material to be distributed to news media.
  2. Web pages that represent the university in any official capacity. More information is available at http://uark.edu, as well as Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 225.0 http://vcfa.uark.edu/policies/fayetteville/ urel/2250.php.
  3. Academic publications that promote specific courses and programs.
  4. Admissions or related publications intended for prospective students.
  5. Any deviations from guidelines published in the graphic identity guidelines.

See https://brand.uark.edu/ for information on use of the university logo and seal, the printing of university stationery, and related matters. Official university stationery and business cards must be purchased through PMCS-Print. Direct all questions to university relations, Davis Hall, 1030 W. Maple Street, Davis Hall, 1030 W. Maple Street, 479-575-5555 or urelinfo@uark.edu.