Faculty Handbook: Facilities
4.4.C  Use of Roofs and Exteriors Walls of Buildings

(UA System Policy 720.1, revised April 29, 2016)

Roofs of buildings and exterior walls of buildings are not intended for general uses. The aforementioned areas shall only be accessible to University employees, such as facilities personnel, having a need directly associated with their work on behalf of the University. They may be accessible for members of the faculty and their students in connection with a regularly-scheduled curriculum course that requires such access (e.g., Astronomy class, Electrical Engineering Antennae Laboratory, etc.), but only after establishing with the director of facilities management for the campus or unit those areas that may be utilized safely.

No rooftop machinery, equipment, antennae, greenhouse, rappelling anchors (temporary or permanent), or other property shall be installed on roofs or roof edges without express permission from the director of facilities management for the particular campus.

Unless required for emergencies or authorized emergency management training exercises, rappelling using University buildings is specifically prohibited.