Faculty Handbook: Workplace Policies
4.5.A  Inclement Weather Policy and Emergency Procedures

(Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 210.0 and 211.0) http://vcfa.uark.edu/policies/fayetteville

It is the policy of the university to remain open regardless of weather conditions. However, when inclement weather occurs, designated university officials assess weather and road conditions and decide whether it is necessary to close the offices and cancel classes based on whether conditions appear to be such as to allow students, faculty, and staff to safely reach campus. If the university remains open but transit buses run on alternate snow routes, an official inclement weather day will be declared, and employees who arrive within two hours of their normal starting time will be given credit for a full day’s attendance. Employees arriving later will be charged the full amount of time involved in their tardiness, and employees not coming to work will be charged a full day’s absence. With the approval of the supervisor, an employee may elect to use “leave without pay” in lieu of “annual leave.” This will be considered an excused absence. However, individual departments may develop and implement additional policies concerning requirements for essential personnel during periods of inclement weather. If the university remains open, each person is expected to make their own determination to work but should make every attempt to get to work within the bounds of personal safety.

Class cancellations made when the university is open or when an inclement weather day has been declared must be made consistent with Academic Policy 1858.10 http://provost.uark.edu/policies/185810.php. To ensure compliance with the federal definition of the credit hour (APS 1200.40), instructors are expected to make up missed class time using recorded lectures, assignments, readings, instructional materials, or other alternative forms of instruction.

For information regarding whether the university is closed or an inclement weather day is declared, use the following sources:

  • See the inclement weather web site at http://emergency.uark.edu/
  • Call 479-575-7000 or the university switchboard at 575-2000 for recorded announcements about closings.
  • Check voice mail for announcements.
  • Listen to KUAF Radio, 91.3 FM, or other local radio and television stations for announcements.
  • Contact your supervisor.

If the university remains open, no announcement will be made.