Faculty Handbook: Workplace Policies
4.5.C  On-the-Job-Injury: Workers Compensation

(Arkansas Code Ann. §11-9-514, 529, 701; AHRMS Policy Manual 105-4)

The following passage directed to employees is taken from the Arkansas Code:

If you become injured or ill while you are at work due to a work-related incident, you may be eligible to receive Workers' Compensation. Workers' Compensation is available to you by law to ensure that you get appropriate and reasonable medical care for injuries or illnesses sustained while you are on the job. Should your injury or illness require that you take an extended period of absence from work, you may be eligible for disability benefits through Workers' Compensation. Leave taken because of a serious health condition for which Workers' Compensation benefits are received will be designated as Family and Medical Leave if it meets the definitions in Section 7.6, above. Workers' Compensation claims are submitted to the Office of Risk Management. Determination and payment of claims is made by the Public Employee Claims Division located in Little Rock.

For the Procedure for Reporting and Treatment of an On-the-Job Injury of Illness and information on Medical Providers, please see Section 7.16 at http://hr.uark.edu/currentemployees/153.aspx