Faculty Handbook: Campus Services
4.6.A  University Bookstore

The University Bookstore located in the Garland Center offers a large selection of new, used, digital, and rental textbooks, reference books and general reading books, and special orders are welcome. The bookstore also carries art, engineering, architectural and school supplies. The Bookstore also provides a full line of graduation products for sale and rental as well as a full-service coffee bar to our offerings. The departmental supplies area offers items to UA departments at state contract prices and handles special orders. Textbook orders must be turned in for the summer and fall semesters by April 1, and spring semester orders by November 1. For information regarding textbook orders, call 575-3010. The full text of the textbook order policy and a link to Act 175 of 2007 that sets the adoption deadlines are available on the following website: http:// bookstore.uark.edu/adoption/