Letter from the Provost: July 20, 2020

Dear U of A Student:

With the start of the fall semester fast approaching, we are energetically preparing for your arrival, and we understand you may have questions about your fall class schedule.

The delivery of some classes this fall has been adjusted to provide for social distancing and to help keep campus safe during the pandemic. As outlined in the COVID-19 Response website in our Returning to Campus guide, there will be a variety of ways that classes will be conducted during the fall 2020 semester. These strategies could be modified as necessary should health conditions change in the community.

Starting July 20, students may begin to see changes on their class schedules that reflect a new “socially distanced class schedule.” These changes are being made to accommodate for teaching classes in person with a six-foot spacing between students. Various modes of instruction may appear on your schedule. Below are definitions of frequently used terms:

Online Courses: Are intentionally designed for online delivery and have been traditionally offered through a remote or distance environment. While some synchronous interaction may be involved in an online course, the bulk of instructional content is typically delivered asynchronously.


Remote Courses: Are intended to be a temporary shift from normal face-to-face teaching to the distance delivery of course content. Remote courses are delivered synchronously at a scheduled time and use technology to allow instructor-student interaction and small-group active learning strategies. Students are expected to access the class at the scheduled time and participate in any scheduled activities during that scheduled time. While some content or activities may be asynchronous in remote courses, the bulk of the course will be delivered in the synchronous and interactive environment.


In-person Courses: All students are expected to attend class at a designated physical location and the instructor is present, in person, to lead learning activities for the entire class following appropriate social distancing measures. During this pandemic or during any crisis situation, to the extent possible, lectures in face-to-face courses at the University of Arkansas will be recorded and live-streamed and made available to students who need to attend remotely.


Hybrid Courses: Are a combination of face-to-face instruction and remotely delivered instruction. While several models exist for hybrid delivery, at the University of Arkansas the intent is that all students will attend a face-to-face class, in a defined sub-group of the entire class, on an alternating and scheduled frequency. The remainder of the class attends remotely via synchronous and interactive technology. All interactive sessions in a hybrid course will be recorded and made available to you in Blackboard.

The process of updating student schedules to reflect any shifts in class designations will continue throughout the remainder of the summer, leading up to the first day of class. These changes should not affect class times, but could affect locations of classrooms. Please continue to check your schedules in UAConnect and familiarize yourself with each class’s location and method of delivery before the first day.

You will be hearing from your instructors and/or college by Wednesday, August 19 with further information regarding the expectations of each class during the semester and to clarify when and where classes will meet each day.

For more information on your class schedule and on other issues associated with being on campus this fall, please consult the university’s COVID-19 Response website and guide to Returning to Campus.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and we look forward to welcoming you back for the start of the fall semester. Thanks and stay safe!


Charles F. Robinson

Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Student and Academic Affairs

Professor of History