Academic Policy  1200.10

Calendar Additions for Accreditation Visits, Program Review, and Major Events

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Each dean should review Academic Policy 1620.11 and submit to the provost any requests for changes to the program review schedule or accreditation visits for following years by January 15.

Each dean will provide information to the Office of Special Events regarding the year’s activities and special events in the college, consistent with requests from that office.

In addition, each dean should send to the provost a list identifying by date and description any major or unusual (atypical) special events such as dedications, groundbreaking ceremonies or openings, convocations, or meetings of outside groups held on campus and scheduled for the school or college for the academic year and following summer. It is particularly important that events involving participation or possible participation by the provost be included. Deans should submit all calendar additions to the provost by August 1 each year.

Reformatted for Web September 29, 2014