Academic Policy  1200.20

Academic Calendar and Appointment Periods

  1. Three-Year Academic Calendar
    The three-year academic calendar for the university is established through the campus governance process beginning with a recommendation of the Calendar Committee of the Faculty Senate. The calendar is normally extended each year through this process so that three years of academic dates are available.    
    1. Student-related academic dates and holidays are established consistent with the following provisions: 

      1. First and last days of classes for fall, spring, summer I, and summer II terms, and intersessions are established using the following guidelines:
        1. Spring and fall typically include 73 class days each.
        2. Summer 10-week sessions typically include 48 class days.
        3. Summer 8-week sessions typically include 37 class days.
        4. Summer 5-week sessions typically include 24 class days.
        5. Intersessions typically include 10 class days, but may include as few as 8 class days in January, depending on the days available for classes.
      2. Holidays
        1. Class days are adjusted as needed to accommodate the university holiday schedule (FPP 409.2 - Holiday Schedule).
      3. Spring Break Week
        1. Spring Break Week is typically scheduled to match the public elementary and secondary school Spring Break in the state of Arkansas.
        2. Per A.C.A. § 6-10-106, public school spring break begins on the Monday of the 38th week of the school year, with the first week of July that begins on a Sunday counted as the first week.
      4. Fall Break
        1. Fall break is typically scheduled on a Monday and a Tuesday of the ninth week of the fall semester.
      5. Thanksgiving Break
        1. Thanksgiving break begins the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day.
      6. Reading Day
        1. Reading Day is scheduled the day following the last day of class for fall and spring terms.
      7. Final Exams
        1. Final Exams are scheduled between Reading Day and commencement for fall and spring terms; and are scheduled for the last day of class for all other terms and sessions.
      8. Commencement
        1. Spring and Fall Commencement exercises are scheduled to take place after the final examination period has concluded for the term.
        2. Spring Commencement ceremony is traditionally reserved for the second Saturday in May.
        3. Fall Commencement ceremony is traditionally reserved for the second or third Saturday in December.
    2. The period of time from the first day of class through the conclusion of the All-University Commencement ceremony in May cannot exceed 38 weeks.
    3. Academic Semester calendars are available at
    4. Three-Year Academic Calendars are available at:
  2. Academic Appointment Periods and Holidays                                                                      Subject to all applicable policies of the University of Arkansas, including but not limited to, Board of Trustees Policy 405.1, academic appointment periods are established consistent with the following provisions:
    1. Appointment periods for 12-month appointees run from July 1 through June 30.
      1. Appointments may start any time after July 1, but all end on or before June 30 each fiscal year.
    2. Appointment periods for the academic year.
      1. The fall and spring semesters include at least a week for scheduled activities preceding the start of classes, though in some cases this week will overlap with an intersession.
      2. Nine-month faculty member appointments begin on the Monday in mid-August one week prior to the Monday that classes begin, consist of a minimum of 39 weeks, and conclude in mid-May (including Spring Commencement).
        1. With approval of the appropriate dean and the Office of the Provost, a nine-month faculty appointment may begin at an alternative time between mid-August and mid-May
      3. Single-semester appointment periodsa.
        1. Fall-only appointments begin on the Monday in mid-August one week prior to the Monday classes begin, must consist of a minimum of 19.5 weeks, and conclude in December (including Fall Commencement)
        2. Spring-only appointments begin on the Monday one week prior to the day classes begin, must consist of a minimum of 19.5 weeks, and conclude in mid-May (including Spring Commencement)
    3. Summer Appointments (see Academic Policy 1405.18)
    4. Intersession Appointments (see Academic Policy 1405.20)
    5. University administrative and academic offices are open, and faculty and staff work during many of the dates that students are away on breaks. Most offices close on official University holidays.
      1. The Administrative Calendar reflects the listings of calendar year administrative events used by faculty/staff and is available at
      2.  The current holiday schedule for University of Arkansas employees, including eligible faculty and staff are available at


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