Academic Policy  1405.103

Research Faculty–Eligibility for Promotion & Guidelines


Research faculty are non-tenure track faculty who are primarily assigned to research. While their principal duties are research, there is an expectation of scholarship, service and teaching when a research faculty member is considered for promotion.


There is no fixed requirement for years in rank before a research faculty member can be promoted. However, in general, it is difficult to demonstrate readiness to be promoted in less than five complete years of service in a given rank. Only in exceptional, well-documented cases, should a faculty member be recommended for promotion when he/she has completed fewer than five years in rank. Research faculty who are considered for promotion should have a sustained record of performance, in their primary area of endeavor, which meets the unit's requirements for an equivalent promotion of tenured and tenure-track faculty in that area.

Policies and Timing

Nominations for research faculty promotion will follow the applicable policies in Board Policy 405.1 and Academic Policy 1405.11 as well as the established timeline for promotion identified in Academic Policy 1405.101. The tenured and tenure-track faculty of each school or college and each unit shall establish and include in the school and unit personnel documents, substantive criteria and procedures for use in considering research faculty for promotion. Unit criteria shall not be in conflict with, nor less rigorous than, the criteria for promotion noted in this document. Unit policies must include substantive criteria for scholarship/creative activity, service and teaching. Unit criteria are subject to approval consistent with all revisions to school and unit personnel documents under University policy.

Documentation / Dossier

The candidate must complete the Faculty Review Checklist and provide supporting materials required by that document or the unit. The information supplied in the Faculty Review Checklist should be sufficiently detailed so that a candidate can be evaluated in terms of both achievement and potential in research/scholarly activity/creative activities, service and teaching.


Unless specifically noted below, the process will follow the procedures outlined in Section III, B of Academic Policy 1405.11, "Evaluative Criteria, Procedures and General Standards for Initial Appointment, Successive Appointments, Annual and Post-tenure Review, Promotion and Tenure."

  • The promotion process may be initiated by the candidate or the unit chair.
  • Faculty eligible to vote at the department level must be at or above the rank being applied for and should include tenured, tenure track, and research faculty.
  • The final decision authority for promotions of research faculty will be the Chancellor of the Fayetteville campus.

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