Academic Policy  1405.12

Appointing and Assessing the Performance of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Notice Of Appointment To Non-tenure-track Faculty

A written letter or other notice of appointment for non-tenure track faculty shall include notification that appointment is limited to the one period specified of an academic or fiscal year or less (a semester or other term). The notice serves to establish the period and conditions of appointment and constitutes the notice of termination as well as of appointment. That each notice of appointment makes this clear does not preclude the employment of the faculty member for another period of time, for a period of up to a fiscal or academic year, in a following year or years.

All Non-tenure-track Faculty

By May 1 each year (or the last working day before May 1) each faculty member shall be informed in writing by the chairperson of the annual review schedule, criteria, procedures, requirements, and instruments for the current year. Whenever there is a change in criteria, procedures, or instruments, each faculty member shall be informed by the chairperson in writing within four weeks of the change. Each faculty member shall also be provided with any standard review forms upon which the faculty member is expected to submit information regarding professional activities. (Evaluative Criteria , II, B, 2)

Documents to be delivered to faculty members are listed in the memorandum, Academic Policy 1405.12A.

New Non-tenure-track Faculty

No later than 30 days after beginning employment in connection with a first appointment, each faculty member shall be advised in writing by his or her chairperson of the criteria, procedures, and instruments that are to be used in assessing his or her work (Evaluative Criteria, II, B, 1).

Deans, directors and department chairs should be careful to note the 30-day deadline for faculty appointed at other times as well. Documents to be delivered to new faculty members are listed in the memorandum Academic Policy 1405.12 A. Each director, chair, or head should prepare an individual memo to each new faculty member using this format and should send the appropriate materials with it or identify how they may be accessed. Each dean should maintain a record that the documents were distributed.

Review Schedule

A schedule of important review and notification deadlines is contained in policy 1405.121. This policy will be revised annually. Entries are derived from policy statements in the current Board Policy 405.1 and the current campus Evaluative Criteria document. Each faculty member must receive (or have access to) a copy of this schedule, together with information about any other deadlines or dates established by the approved college or department documents.

Documents and Forms

Website addresses for referenced documents are provided at the end of this policy. Personnel documents to be used are those that are current for the college, school, library, or department with any exceptions as noted in letters of approval. Deans, chairs and faculty are responsible for compliance with all applicable policy documents.

In the absence of specific and separate policies and procedures for the annual review of non-tenure track faculty, those in place for other faculty are to be used for such faculty who are appointed for an academic or fiscal year. For faculty appointed for one term, only, or for shorter periods, appropriate policies should be developed, if they are not in place, and notice distributed to the faculty members to whom they apply, consistent with the campus deadlines.

All faculty personnel policies, including those which apply to non-tenure track faculty only, should be included in college, school, library, or department personnel documents and approved through the usual procedures.

Referenced documents:

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