Alumni Association Faculty Distinguished Achievement Awards

The Arkansas Alumni Association Distinguished Achievement Awards Program, inaugurated in 1961, recognizes, rewards, and encourages superior classroom teaching, and particularly outstanding research or creative activity.  Earlier awards were given in two categories—teaching or research.  Since 1969, a third category evolved to recognize faculty members known to be both strong researchers and excellent teachers.  Currently, recipients of the awards are given a check for $5,000.00.  Past recipients of these awards, their departments and types of awards include the following:

In 2013, the Alumni Association Faculty Distinguished Achievement Awards included a Rising Teaching Award for assistant or associate professors.

Year Recipient Department Category
2019 Anne Velliquette Marketing Rising Teaching Award
2019 Peggy Schaefer-Whitby Curriculum & Instruction Service
2019 John R. Clark Horticulture Research
2018 Sean Connors Curriculum and Instruction Rising Teaching Award
2018 Kevin Hall Civil Engineering Service
2018 Min Zou Mechanical Engineering Research
2017 Tiffany Murphy School of Law Service
2017 Ranil Wickramasinghe Chemical Engineering Research
2017 Catherine Shoulders Agricultural Education, Comm. & Technology Rising Teaching Award
2016 Ingrid Fritsch Chemistry & Biochemistry Research
2016 Laurent Sacharoff School of Law Rising Teaching Award
2016 William Schwab Sociology Service
2015 Dustin Buehler Law Rising Teaching Award
2015 Jeannie Whayne History Service
2015 Jim -Woo Kim Biological and Agricultural Engineering   Research
2014 Douglas E. Spearot Mechanical Engineering Rising Teaching Award
2014 Elliot West History Research
2014 Edward A. Pohl Industrial Engineering Service
2013 Benjamin Grob-Fitzgibbon History Rising Teaching Award
2013 Russ Meller Industrial Engineering Research
2013 Cheryl Murphy Curriculum & Instruction Service
2012 Viswanath Venkatesh Information Systems Research
2012 Gary Ritter Education Reform Service
2011 Marty Matlock Biological & Agricultural Engineering Service
2011 H. Alan Mantooth Electrical Engineering Research
2011 Robert Stapp Economics Teaching
2010 Amy Apon CSCE Service
2010 Larry Foley Journalism Research
2010 Carol Reeves Management Teaching
2009 Amy Farmer Economics Service
2009 Laurent Bellaiche Physics Research
2009 Dub Ashton Marketing Teaching
2008 Alan E. Ellstrand Management Teaching & Service
2008 Vikas Anand Management Teaching
2008 Justin R. Morris Food Science Research
2007 Kimberly G. Smith Biological Sciences Service
2007 Ajay Malshe Mechanical Engineering Research
2007 Barbara B. Shadden Communication Disorders Teaching & Service
2006 Deborah W. Thomas Accounting Service & Teaching
2006 Donald M. Johnson Agri. & Extension Education Teaching & Service
2006 Gisela F. Erf Poultry Science Research & Teaching
2005 John W. Cole Marketing & Logistics Teaching
2005 Janine A. Parry Political Science Teaching & Service
2005 Xiaogang Peng Chemistry & Biochemistry Research
2004 Cynthia Nance Law Service
2004 Charles Robinson History Teaching
2004 Kevin Hall Civil Engineering Research & Teaching
2003 Charles L. Wilkins Chemistry & Biochemistry Research
2003 Mark R. Killenbeck Law Teaching & Research
2003 Yanbin Li BAEG Research & Service
2002 Merry Moiseichik HKRD Service
2002 Evan Bukey History Research
2002 Molly Rapert Marketing & Transportation Teaching
2001 Fred Limp Anthropology/CAST Research & Service
2001 Scot Burton Marketing & Transportation Research
2001 Ronda Mains Music Teaching
2000 Peter Ungar Anthropology Research & Service
2000 Henry Tsai History Research & Teaching
2000 Virginia Van Es CISQA Teaching
1999 Derek W.G. Sears Chemistry & Biochemistry Research & Service
1999 Daniel E. Sutherland History Research
1999 Derrick M. Oosterhuis CSES Research & Teaching
1998 Min Xiao Physics Research
1998 Robert B. Cochran English Teaching & Research
1998 Thomas R. McKinnon Economics Teaching & Research
1997 Robert Stapp Economics Teaching
1997 Kimberly Smith Biological Sciences Teaching & Research
1997 Dick Oliver Agronomy Teaching & Research
1996 Edwin L. Yaz Electrical Engineering Research
1996 David E.R. Gay Economics Service, Teaching & Research
1996 Allan Cochran Mathematical Sciences Teaching
1995 C. Murray Smart, Jr. Architecture Teaching & Research
1995 Park Waldroup Poultry Science Research
1995 Mary Jo Schneider Anthropology Teaching
1994 Randall B. Woods History Teaching & Research
1994 Gregory J. Salamo Physics Research
1994 Simon S. Ang Electrical Engineering Teaching
1993 Justin Morris Food Science Research & Public Service
1993 Robert Riggs Plant Pathology Research
1993 Hoyt Purvis Journalism/Political Science Teaching
1992 Gail Cramer Ag Econ & Rural Sociology Research & Public Service
1992 Roger Koeppe Chemistry & Biochemistry Research
1992 Donald Harington Art Teaching
1991 Michael Young HKRD Research & Public Service
1991 Donald R. Bobbitt Chemistry & Biochemistry Teaching
1991 Peter Pulay Chemistry & Biochemistry Research
1990 John J. Watkins Law Research & Public Service
1990 Edgar C. Clausen Chemical Engineering Research
1990 Thomas D. Jensen Marketing & Transportation Teaching
1989 Donald B. Pedersen Law Teaching, Research & Service
1989 David W. Edwards History Teaching
1989 K. S. Kim Plant Pathology Research
1988 Richard Roessler ARRTC Research
1988 Carlton Bailey Law Teaching
1988 Terry L. Lavy Agronomy Research
1987 Danny J. Davis Chemistry & Biochemistry Teaching & Research
1987 Alfred E. Einert Horticulture & Forestry Teaching
1987 Charles E. Templeton Plant Pathology Research
1986 Cyrus A. Sutherland Architecture Teaching
1986 Rodney Alan Smolla Law Research
1986 Collis R. Geren Chemistry Teaching & Research
1985 Jerry A. Havens Chemical Engineering Research
1985 Frank Millett Chemistry Research
1985 Charles R. Britton Economics Teaching
1984 Raymond H. Hughes Physics Research
1984 Rafael Guzman Law Teaching
1984 Daniel E. Ferritor Sociology Teaching & Research
1983 James E. Dunn Mathematics Teaching & Research
1983 Robert Frans Agronomy Research & Creativity
1983 John G. Williams Architecture Teaching
1982 Jim L. Turpin Chemical Engineering Teaching
1982 Louis Thibodeaux Chemical Engineering Teaching & Research
1982 E. Fay Jones Architecture Research
1981 Richard Anderson Physics Teaching & Research
1981 James F. Hinton Chemistry Research
1981 T. Paul Cronan DPQA Teaching
1980 Jacob R. Phillips Entomology Teaching & Research
1980 Robert E. Hall Finance Teaching
1980 Willard B. Gatewood History Research
1979 Harold C. McDonald Geology Teaching & Research
1979 Miller Williams English Research
1979 Max Meisch Entomology Teaching
1978 Wallace Cordes Chemistry Teaching & Research
1978 Maurice Testerman GIT Research
1978 Morton Gitelman Law Teaching
1977 Lothar Schafer Chemistry Teaching & Research
1977 Hamdy A. Taha Industrial Engineering Research
1977 Charles Thatcher Chemical Engineering Teaching
1976 Jack H. Cole Mechanical Engineering Teaching & Research
1976 Robert D. Hay Management Research
1976 James Whitehead English Teaching
1975 John N. Marr Psychology Teaching & Research
1975 Charles E. Caviness Agronomy Research
1975 John Kane Economics Teaching
1974 F. K. Spies Law Teaching & Research
1974 James N. Moore Horticulture & Forestry Research
1974 Bryan Webb Electrical Engineering Teaching
1973 Warren Banks Finance Teaching & Research
1973 Charles Lincoln Entomology Research
1973 Irene Burt Elementary Education Teaching
1972 Ronald Skeith Industrial Engineering Teaching & Research
1972 George Kernodle Speech & Dramatic Art Research
1972 Nolan Williams Accounting Teaching
1971 Joe McFerran Horticulture & Forestry Community & University Service
1971 Samuel Siegel Chemistry Research
1971 Blair Hart Speech & Dramatic Art Teaching
1970 E. Phillip Trapp Psychology Teaching & Research
1970 T. C. Duncan Eaves English Research
1970 Helmut Wolf Mechanical Engineering Teaching
1969 Grover Harris, Jr. Animal Science Teaching & Research
1969 Arthur J. Fry Chemistry Research
1969 Stanley Stephenson Electrical Engineering Teaching
1968 Albert M. Witte Law Teaching
1968 Charles L. Wilson Plant Pathology Research
1968 Leo Van Scyoc English Teaching
1967 H. Blair Rouse English Research
1967 Edward S. Amis Chemistry Research
1967 Cecil O. Cogburn Mechanical Engineering Teaching
1966 Odie T. Stallcup Animal Science Research
1966 Richard Brothers Music Teaching
1966 Harold A. Dulan Finance Teaching
1965 Jacob Sacks Chemistry Research
1965 Bradford A. Waddle Agronomy Research
1965 D. M. Robinson Management Teaching
1964 John M. Peterson Economics Research
1964 John Imhoff Industrial Engineering Teaching
1964 Anne Vizzier History Teaching
1963 Paul K. Kuroda Chemistry Research
1963 Paul R. Noland Animal Science Teaching
1963 Carl E. Hoffman Zoology Teaching
1962 Joseph P. Fulton Plant Pathology Research
1962 Henry M. Alexander Political Science Research
1962 Robert A. Leflar Law Teaching
1961 Derald A. Slack Plant Pathology Research
1961 E. Fay Jones Architecture Research
1961 Ben Kimpel English Teaching


From 1985 to 1990, the Burlington Northern Foundation supported annual awards of $2,000 to an "Outstanding Teacher" for excellence in teaching, and to an "Outstanding Faculty-Scholar" for excellence in research. Recipients of these awards were as follows:

Year Recipient Department Category
1990 Frederick M. Stephen Entomology Faculty-Scholar
1990 A. Wallace Cordes Chemistry & Biochemistry Teaching
1989 Peter Pulay Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty-Scholar
1989 Rafael Guzman Law Teaching
1988 George E. Templeton Plant Pathology Faculty-Scholar
1988 Dean R. Gorman HKRD Teaching
1987 James N. Moore Horticulture & Forestry Faculty-Scholar
1987 Charles M. Thatcher Chemical Engineering Teaching
1986 Brian Bolton ARTC Faculty-Scholar
1986 Daniel Levine Foreign Languages Teaching
1985 Francis S. Millett Chemistry Faculty-Scholar
1985 Lyna Lee Montgomery English Teaching

In 1991, the Burlington Northern Foundation began supporting one award of $2,500 for outstanding teaching, as follows.

1994 David Bednar Management
1993 Howard W. Brill Law
1992 There was no award in 1992.
1991 Michael Hoffman Anthropology

In 1995, the University of Arkansas began supporting one award of $5,000 for the recipient of the Burlington Award for outstanding teaching, as follows:

1996 Jim L. Turpin Chemical Engineering Teaching
1995 Elliott West History Teaching

The Burlington Northern Foundation Award was discontinued in 1997.


In 1997, the Charles and Nadine Baum Foundation began supporting one award of $5,000 for the recognition of Outstanding Teaching.  Past recipients of this award, and their departments include the following:

2019 Howard W. Brill Law
2018 Suresh Kumar Biochemistry
2017 John A. White, Jr. Industrial Engineering
2016 Janine Parry Political Science
2015 Lynn F. Jacobs Art
2014 Mary Beth Matthews Law
2013 Manuel D. Rossetti Industrial Engineering
2012 Molly Rapert Marketing and Logistics
2011 John C. Pijanowski Educational Leadership
2010 Micah Hale Civil Engineering
2009 Timothy A. Kral Biological Sciences
2008 Norman D. Dennis, Jr. Civil Engineering
2007 Gregory J. Salamo Physics
2006 Richard Cassady Industrial Engineering
2005 Amy Herzberg Drama
2004 Robert Stapp Economics
2003 Jeff B. Murray Marketing & Logistics
2002 Douglas A. James Biological Sciences
2001 Elliott West History
2000 Lynda L. Coon History
1999 Ro DiBrezzo Health Science, Kinesiology, Recreation & Dance
1998 Hamdy A. Taha Industrial Engineering
1997 Doris M. Cook Accounting


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