Academic Policy  1405.18

Summer Sessions Allocation and Appointment Policies and Procedures


An allocation of funds is made to each school and college for summer teaching in the fiscal year by the vice provost for academic affairs. This allocation covers summer teaching in July and August, and the following May and June of the fiscal year. It typically reflects the college’s summer enrollments and expenditure totals in recent years and an increase representing the average faculty salary increase of the previous year. The allocation is for on-campus courses only, unless an exception is requested and approved for a course or courses to be taught off-campus during the summer with salary paid from the summer budget. This request must be made in writing (electronic mail is accepted).

Special appointment procedures are used for faculty employed only for the summer (not employed in either the preceding or the following academic year) as they must be paid from positions that are not benefits-eligible. Their compensation will include only 8.5% for fringe benefits (federally required payments). Please star or footnote these entries on the Faculty Workload Forms. Please direct any employee in this category to the Fringe Benefits office in Human Resources for information regarding eligibility to participate in a retirement plan at the University. Information on BASIS processing for such employees will be provided to those who request it, as most units will not have such appointments. All general questions about processing of employees for summer appointment should be directed to Human Resources.

Workload Forms

Workload forms should be completed according to the instructions and submitted by deans to the office of the vice provost no later than April 15 for Summer I classes (before July 1) and no later than May 1 for Summer II classes (after July 1). Approvals for BASIS payroll entries will be made consistent with data on the workload forms so revised workload forms should be submitted when changes are made. The Payroll Office will provide information and refresher training sessions for data entry using the summer payroll modules on the BASIS system. It will be particularly important to utilize the Comments section to add needed data on specific summer teaching assignments and to note whether the individual also has a research assignment.

Cost Centers

Faculty teaching in the summer will be paid from the account listed below for the college. Generally, only nine-month continuing faculty can be appointed to summer teaching from summer session funds (except in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences). That is, individuals on 12-month appointment are not eligible to be paid for summer teaching.

Label Account Numbers
Summer Sessions Salaries Agriculture 0102-04142-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Architecture 0102-04141-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Arts and Sciences 0102-04143-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Business 0102-04144-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Education 0102-04145-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Engineering 0102-04146-11-0000
Summer Sessions Salaries Law 0102-04147-11-0000

Instructions For Completing The Summer School Faculty Workload Form

There will be no entry here when the person is on a twelve-month appointment, except for faculty in agriculture. The faculty salary is figured at a rate of 2 ½% of the previous FTE nine-month salary for each hour taught in a summer session. Graduate teaching assistants with specific teaching or teaching support duties must be paid an amount equal to 5% percent of their previous nine-month salary (if that salary was for half-time employment) for each credit hour taught. The FTE 100% salary for graduate assistants allow the 5% to compute in the existing formula.

Summer Session funds may only be used as salary funds for the teaching of organized courses. No appointments may be made from these funds for research or administrative duties or the directing of individual study, theses, or dissertations.

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