Academic Policy  1405.50

Financial Support for Officers of Campus Faculty and Faculty Senate

The University of Arkansas wishes to encourage the active involvement of faculty in the governance structure of the institution. To that end, the institution provides funds for a portion of the salary of the chair of the Campus Faculty and the chair of the Faculty Senate. These funds are allocated to cover workload time assigned to governance for the faculty members elected to these two offices in recognition of the additional time need ed to perform these important roles in campus governance.

Faculty involvement in university administration is critical to the collaborative management of the University of Arkansas. Therefore, the university provides support to both faculty members and their departments to help facilitate the faculty governance roles.

Faculty who are elected to serve in the role of either Chair of the Faculty Senate or Chair of the Campus Faculty will receive research support for the academic year during which he or she serves in one or the other of these positions. To accommodate a reduction in the teaching load of the person serving as either Faculty Senate chair or Campus Faculty chair, the academic home department will receive funding in both the fall and spring terms to cover instructional needs.

The following will be the plan for support of the governance chairs and their departments:

  • The home academic department from which the faculty member comes will be awarded $5,000 plus fringe benefits in each fall and spring semester. This funding is to be used for one course buy-out. If the faculty member does not reduce his/her teaching load during the academic year, this funding should be used for either research or teaching assistance for the chair of Faculty Senate and the chair of Campus Faculty. Any funding in excess of the actual instructional costs for the faculty release time should be returned to the Campus Faculty Governance cost center.
  • The Provost's Office will transfer $15,000 to a university cost center at the start of the fall semester which can be used for professional travel, research, or teaching assistance during the academic year. Faculty in governance roles are strongly encouraged to expend these funds within two years from the time the faculty member is no longer holding the governance role.
  • The faculty member serving in campus governance may use the allocated funds for summer compensation within the university policies and procedures for summer payroll . The funding for summer salary from the se funds will include both the salary plus fringe benefits at the summer rate. Summer funding for governance may not exceed in salary and fringe the $15,000 allocated at the start of the faculty member's tenure in the campus governance role.

The University provides a small stipend for incidental expenses to the faculty governance officers at the start of their year of service. The chair of Faculty Senate, the vice chair of Faculty Senate, the chair of Campus Faculty, and the parliamentarian of Faculty Senate each receive a $1,000 stipend; the secretary of Faculty Senate who maintains the web site, official membership lists (including committee memberships), and agendas and records the minutes of the Senate and Campus Faculty meeting s receives a stipend o f $ 3,000 because of the additional responsibilities of that position. Those funds are transferred at the direction of the faculty member serving in that capacity to use for professional development activities consistent with University of Arkansas Board of Trustees policies on the expenditure of University education and general funds.

Reformatted for Web October 1, 2014