Academic Policy  1420.10

Application for Leave of Absence without Pay

Leave policies for academic and other non-classified personnel are authorized by University of Arkansas Board of Trustees policy 420.1 and by state and federal law.

A faculty or non-classified staff member must initiate an application for Leave of Absence without Pay by completing the form provided for this purpose (attached) except as otherwise provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)  [See the Faculty Handbook, section 3.13, for further information on FMLA provisions].  The application must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the starting date for the proposed leave for required review and approvals to take place. The completed form must be submitted first to the department chairperson or director for review. If the application is not approved, the decision may be appealed by the employee to the dean. Following approval by the department chairperson and/or dean, the application must be forwarded for review to the provost.  Applications approved by the provost will be forwarded to the chancellor for review and if approved will be transmitted to the president for review.  The president’s action to grant or deny the leave will be final. Applications will be returned to the campus for distribution and implementation.

See Application for Leave of Absence without Pay form.

Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014