Academic Policy  1450.10

Outside Employment for Compensation and Conflict of Interest and Commitment

Each year with the beginning of a new appointment period, deans and chairpersons should notify or remind faculty members of the policies and procedures on outside employment and conflict of interest and commitment and of the approvals and reports that are required.

Consistent with University of Arkansas Board of Trustees policy 450.1, full-time faculty and non-classified administrative staff members may engage in outside employment for compensation provided this employment does not interfere with the employee’s duties (such as by creating a conflict of interest or commitment) and provided that the employee receives written approval from his or her department head and/or dean in advance of the employment. Similarly, employees planning to engage in outside employment must disclose by means of the appropriate form any relationships or activities which might give rise to conflicts, or the appearance thereof, with their duties, responsibilities or obligations to the University of Arkansas. Also, see Academic Policy 1550.30, Financial Benefit to Instructor from Student Materials: Conflict of Interest Resolution for reporting materials faculty may require to be used by students that could constitute a conflict of interest.

Deans must submit reports to the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development by September 15 each year summarizing outside employment for compensation by their faculty and staff who have such employment.

Forms referenced in this academic policy are found in Fayetteville Policy 404.0 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment, Including Outside Activity. The reporting form for the summary is available at the Fayetteville Policy and Procedures web site. Download Appendix C to Policy 404.0.

To download the form for Prior Approval of Outside Employment, download Appendix B to Policy 404.0.

To download the form for Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest and Commitment, download Appendix D to Policy 404.0.

Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014