Academic Policy  1474.10

Faculty Service Criteria and Award Process

Colleges, schools, and the library should each have a process and calendar by means of which Faculty Service Award recipients are identified and awards presented at an appropriate ceremony or occasion each year. The type of certificate or award presented is left to the discretion of the college, school, or library. A list of the award recipients, their department, number of years of service, and the year of award is due from the deans to the provost by July 1 each year. The university criteria for such awards are as follows:

  • Awards for faculty service are given beginning with an award for ten years of service and then in increments of ten, with following awards at 20, 30, etc. years of service.
  • An appointment in one of the official ranks for faculty (as established by Board of Trustees policy 405.1) is required for each year of service toward an award. Adjunct appointments to unpaid positions do not count as service toward such awards.
  • Awards will be made to all eligible faculty members, including those whose years of service or current appointment includes service in an administrative position, so long as faculty rank is concurrently held.
  • For the purposes of these awards, full-time status (100% appointment) is assumed for each year (or partial year) of service that is counted, including the first. Part-time appointments do not count except in the case of appointment to off-campus duty for a full year at 50% appointment.
  • For the purposes of these awards, a full year is assumed for each year of service that is counted. However, any partial year greater than half (and on full-time status) may be counted as a year of service at the discretion of the school, college, or library making the award.
  • For nine-month employees, the standard academic year (two semesters) from mid-August to mid-May constitutes a year of service toward an award. Summer session employment is not required.
  • For twelve-month employees, the standard fiscal year from July 1 to June 30 constitutes a year of service toward an award.
  • Faculty members with a break in service may be considered for a service award for which the initial year of appointment is counted as the first year but excluding the years spent during the break in service.
  • Time spent on leave-without-pay does not count as service toward an award.

Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014