Academic Policy  1480.10

Grades and Records of Student Performance

As part of their teaching responsibilities, instructors are responsible for ensuring the retention of all records and materials collected relating to the evaluation of student performance and grades.

Instructors must ensure that all records and materials are retained on behalf of the institution for two years following the assignment of final grades for all coursework or the date of a comprehensive exam or thesis/dissertation defense.  In the event that the instructor leaves the employment of the institution, the department in which the instructor was appointed is responsible.  Departing instructors have a professional obligation to cooperate in the proper disposition of student educational records.

Consistent with Academic Policy 1230.00, instructors must preserve all course materials contained within the Learning Management System (LMS) to a University file storage solution at the end of each semester.  Course materials within the LMS, including full course content, grades, and all student work, will be retained within the LMS for two years.  Courses older than two years will be permanently deleted from the LMS.

Regardless of location, all student records and materials must be stored and used in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014