Academic Policy  1500.20

Final Examination Policy

Final examinations are required to be given during the scheduled final examination period.  (Comprehensive examinations are not the only ones which qualify as “final exams”. Generally, exams should not be given during the last class period or week of class in lieu of final examinations.) Face-to-face classes with a standard meeting pattern will be assigned a specific test time.  Online classes, and any classes with no meeting pattern, are required to give the final examination during a time period that is within the scheduled final examination period. Whenever circumstances make necessary a deviation from the announced schedule, clearance for such deviation must be obtained from the appropriate dean and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

During finals week, students are required to sit for no more than two final exams in a single calendar day period. Students with three or more finals in a single calendar day period have the right to an alternative exam date(s) for each exam exceeding two. They must submit a formal request for an alternative date in writing, along with an official copy of their class schedule for verification purposes, to the professors of those classes involved to see if one will voluntarily move the exam. If voluntary accommodation is not achieved, instructors of classes with lower enrollments for the final exam will have to accommodate individual students affected before classes with higher enrollments. This process is the same when there is a final exam scheduling conflict (two or more final exams scheduled on the same date and at the same time). 

Requests must be submitted on or before the last day to drop a full semester class or classes with a mark of "W". Professors will provide the student with an alternative exam date and time no later than one week after the last day to drop a full semester class or classes with a mark of "W". All rescheduled final exams are to take place during the university designated final exam dates and times. If a student has an objection to the alternative exam date/time, she or he may appeal to the instructor’s department chair.

It is the policy of the University to minimize student participation in extracurricular activities during the final examination period. No meetings, social activities, athletic events, or other extracurricular activities that require student participation will be scheduled on Reading Day or during the final examination period. Any exceptions to this policy must receive prior approval from the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014