Academic Policy  1520.20

Reasonable Accommodation for Exam Administration

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Faculty members should be familiar with exam accommodation recommendations as listed on a student’s official Accommodation Letter from the Center for Educational Access (CEA). Faculty members are required to provide exam accommodations only to students for whom they have received an accommodation letter. If the requested exam accommodation is unclear, faculty members should contact the CEA for clarification on how to facilitate the needed accommodation.

Faculty members should strive to accommodate students who require extra time on exams and/or a relatively distraction-free testing environment in a space within the department or building in which the other students are taking the exam, so as to give the students with disabilities access to the faculty member for questions. If a faculty member chooses to utilize personal office or laboratory space, it is important to make sure distractions are minimized, such as unplugging the phone, turning computers off, and placing a sign on the door indicating an exam is taking place.

If space is not available within the department or building, or if the students with disabilities require alternative exam formats (e.g., Braille), a reader, a scribe, enlarged print, assistive computer technology, or other appropriate and reasonable accommodations (specified by the CEA on the student’s official Accommodation Letter), the CEA has a Testing Center with such accommodations available for these students.

For faculty members who choose to use the CEA Testing Center to accommodate their students’ exam needs, they are responsible to ensure that the exams are delivered to the Testing Center at least 48 hours prior to the exam time. The CEA staff is responsible to maintain the security of the exams and testing spaces in the Center, and to proctor exams within the parameters set forth by the faculty member. Such parameters include the day and time by which the student must take the exam, and any class-related materials permitted in the exam (e.g., notes, dictionary, formula sheet, calculator). Faculty members are responsible to give CEA staff a cell phone number, or equivalent means of contact, in case the student has content-related questions during the exam. Specific information on the Test Center processes and what information to include when delivering an exam can be found on the CEA website: or by contacting CEA staff at (479) 575-3104 or

Reformatted for Web October 2, 2014