Academic Policy  1622.11

Course Review Process

The courses listed in the Catalog of Studies shall be reviewed annually to insure that the listing accurately represents the courses currently offered by the faculty and available to students. This review shall be completed prior to printing the catalog for the next academic year. During the review, courses shall be designated as (1) active, (2) inactive, or (3) to be deleted. Active courses will be listed in the catalog. Inactive courses will remain in the course inventory but will not be listed in the catalog. Deleted courses will be removed from the course inventory. The process shall be as follows:

  • Each year the Registrar’s Office will prepare a list of courses appearing in the Catalog of Studies that have not been offered for a period of four years. The department listing the courses will review the list and determine the desired status of each course (remain active, become inactive, or be deleted). The Registrar’s Office will distribute the list, organized by department, to colleges, departments, and the Office of the Provost on or about September 15 each year.
  • The proposed action on the status of the listed courses will be reviewed by the appropriate college committee, the universitywide University Course and Programs Committee, the Graduate Council (for graduate courses) and the Faculty Senate. Justification is required to maintain a listed course in an active status. Courses that have not been taught in 6 years, and are not scheduled to be taught in the following year, will be moved automatically to inactive status. 
  • Courses in an inactive status that the department wishes to offer may be re-activated by the department without review. Notification to the Registrar’s Office and the provost is required.
  • After a period of three years in an inactive status, courses will be deleted from the course inventory. Individual requests for continuation of a course that has been in an inactive status for three years will be reviewed by the University, following the normal course proposal workflow. 
  • Departments may request that courses be placed in inactive status or deleted at any time. Such requests will be reviewed by the appropriate college committee, the University Course and Programs Committee, the Graduate Council (for graduate courses), and the Faculty Senate.

Reformatted for Web October 1, 2014