Academic Policy  1720.10

Grant Funding for Faculty/Staff Work Station Accommodation

Academic units (schools, colleges, library, and other offices that report to the Provost) may qualify for assistance in providing needed accommodation to work station furniture and equipment for qualified faculty and staff members with disabilities. A fund of $10,000 is available each year to be disbursed consistent with needs and requests in academic units.

Deans and directors who wish to request funding through this program should submit a written request consistent with the guidelines provided below (or ask the appropriate office or unit to complete the request) and forward the request to the Office of the Provost for review, along with their own endorsement or recommendation.

Funds may be requested only for equipment (not salary) and may be requested for equipment only for employees whose disability and required accommodation has been certified by the compliance officer in the Office of Affirmative Action. The presence or absence of special funding does not affect the responsibility of the institution or any unit in regard to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable legislation or policy.


  • Give the name of the department or office for which the funding is requested
  • State the disability and the type of accommodation needed (chair, desk, keyboard, for example).
  • Provide cost estimates from at least two sources for the needed accommodation(s).
  • State the source and amount of matching funding available (should be at least half the cost).
  • State the amount of funding requested.
  • Attach an endorsement or recommendation from the dean or director.

Reformatted for Web October 1, 2014