Academic Policy  1858.10

Class Cancellation

It is the responsibility of the instructor to provide written instructions in the syllabus for each course to inform students of the procedures for learning continuity when a class has been cancelled due to inclement weather or any other situations.

Faculty members should choose appropriate procedures in determining their policy for informing students of class cancellation at times other than when there is a weather delay or the university is closed. The notification procedures should be tested to determine their usefulness before an emergency arises. The procedures should work not only in response to overnight events but also in response to events that occur during the day. Included in the procedures should be a notification to the main department office of any class cancellation.

Instructors are expected to ensure that course content is not materially affected by any cancelled classes. To ensure compliance with the federal definition of the credit hour (APS 1200.40), instructors are expected to make up missed class time using recorded lectures, assignments, readings, instructional materials, or other alternative forms of instruction. If inclement weather prevents a student from safely attending class, an instructor should provide the opportunity to make up work without penalty.

Reformatted for Web October 1, 2014