Academic Policies

Policy Title Department Keywords
1100.40 Academic Administrative Structure: Housing and Supporting Programs and Faculty POLICIES
1200.00 Calendar of Dates for Submissions to Provost’s Office and for Other Academic Activities POLICIES
1200.10 Calendar Additions for Accreditation Visits, Program Review, and Major Events POLICIES
1200.20 Academic Calendar and Appointment Periods POLICIES
1200.30 Official Class Times POLICIES
1200.40 Credit Hour Definition POLICIES
1210.00 Submission of Board of Trustees Agenda Items POLICIES
1220.00 University of Arkansas Open Access Repository Policy POLICIES
1220.10 Use of Copyrighted Materials for Educational and Research Purposes POLICIES
1230.00 Learning Management System (LMS) Policy POLICIES
1405.00 Personnel Documents POLICIES
1405.10 Assessing the Performance of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty: Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Decisions POLICIES
1405.11 Evaluative Criteria, Procedures and General Standards for Initial Appointment, Successive Appointments, Annual and Post-tenure Review, Promotion and Tenure POLICIES
1405.13 Guidelines for University and Distinguished Professor Appointments POLICIES
1405.14 Report on Annual Review of Faculty Performance for Arkansas Department of Higher Education POLICIES
1405.15 Teacher and Course Evaluation Procedures POLICIES
1405.16 Faculty Hiring Plans and Appointment Procedures POLICIES
1405.17 Instructions and Guidelines for Preparation of Nominations for the Alumni Association Faculty Distinguished Achievement Awards and the Charles and Nadine Baum Faculty Teaching Award POLICIES
1405.18 Summer Sessions Allocation and Appointment Policies and Procedures POLICIES
1405.19 Request for Graduate Faculty Status POLICIES
1405.20 Intersessions POLICIES
1405.21 Appointment, Annual Review, and Reappointment of Endowed Chairs and Professorships POLICIES
1405.50 Faculty Governance Support POLICIES
1405.101 Schedule of Deadlines and Notifications for Tenured, Tenure-Track Faculty and Non Tenure-Track Faculty: Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Decisions POLICIES
1405.111 Initial and Successive Appointments, Evaluation and Promotion of Non-Tenure Track Faculty; Merit-Based Appointments in Excess of One Year POLICIES
1406.10 Faculty and Non-Classified Staff: Employment File and Office of Record POLICIES
1406.20 Faculty Handbook POLICIES
1406.30 Textbook and Course Materials Policy POLICIES
1407.10 Academic Affairs Administrators: Appointment, Service, and Performance Review POLICIES
1407.20 Guidelines for Fifth-Year Review of Deans POLICIES
1420.10 Application for Leave of Absence without Pay POLICIES
1420.11 Notification of Intention to Take Extended Sick Leave POLICIES
1430.10 Faculty Grievance Policy POLICIES
1435.40 Proposals for Off-Campus Duty Assignments POLICIES
1435.50 Faculty Ranks and Titles, Qualified Faculty, and Research Assistant and Research Associate Positions POLICIES
1435.60 Annual Request to Board of Trustees for Authority to Exceed Maximum Legislated Salary Level for Exceptionally Well-qualified Academic and Non-academic Personnel POLICIES
1435.70 Faculty Salary Funding Incentive Plan POLICIES
1440.10 Annual Report on Income from Public Agencies POLICIES
1440.11 Annual Report on Corporate Positions Held POLICIES
1440.15 Annual Report POLICIES
1450.10 Outside Employment for Compensation and Conflict of Interest and Commitment POLICIES
1474.10 Faculty Service Criteria and Award Process POLICIES
1475.10 Emeritus Status: Board of Trustees Resolutions POLICIES
1480.10 Grades and Records of Student Performance POLICIES
1500.00 Eight-Semester Degree Completion Policy POLICIES
1500.10 Date of Graduation Policy POLICIES
1500.20 Final Examination Policy POLICIES
1500.30 Tuition Adjustments for Eligible Graduate Students POLICIES
1505.20 Senior Walk Eligibility POLICIES
1505.30 Honorary Degrees: Policy, Procedures, and Implementation POLICIES
1506.00 Policy, Procedures, and Implementation for Awarding Posthumous Degrees POLICIES
1520.10 Reasonable Accommodation and Course Substitution for Students with Disabilities POLICIES
1520.20 Reasonable Accommodation for Exam Administration POLICIES
1535.10 Institutional Response to Solicitations for Limited Numbers of Proposal Submissions POLICIES
1540.10 Presidential Scholar Nominations POLICIES
1550.20 Academic Advising of Undergraduate Students POLICIES
1550.30 Financial Benefit to Instructor from Student Materials: Conflict of Interest Resolution POLICIES
1620.10 Program and Department Review POLICIES
1620.11 Program and Department Review Schedule POLICIES
1620.12 Self-Study Template for Non-Accredited Programs POLICIES
1621.10 Academic Program Terms and Definitions POLICIES
1622.10 Course Change Approval Process POLICIES
1622.11 Course Review Process POLICIES
1622.12 Course Delivery Mode Definitions POLICIES
1622.20 Guidelines for Proposing Program Changes and Approval Process POLICIES
1622.30 Centers and Institutes POLICIES
1630.10 Student Academic Achievement and Degree Program Outcomes POLICIES
1640.10 Class Size Standards POLICIES
1650.10 Online and Distance Education POLICIES
1655.10 Workforce Training/Education Reporting POLICIES
1810.10 Room Function Change POLICIES
1835.00 International Travel of Students, Faculty and Staff POLICIES
1858.10 Class Cancellation POLICIES
1900.10 Employee and Student Data: Use and Security POLICIES
1900.20 Use of UAConnect Data by Direct Access Users POLICIES

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