Spousal Faculty Hiring


Several faculty have spouses* who are also academic. To assist in recruiting and retaining a faculty member with a spouse*, the deans work collectively to determine and facilitate an opportunity in their unit, if the spouse* meets qualifications. 


  1. Dean interested in hiring a faculty member with a spouse* (#1), gets CV of spouse and shares with dean in appropriate college/ school (#2) (and with provost);
  2. Dean who is asked to consider spousal* hire works with academic unit to determine if there is interest. Department reviews, determines interest and gives approval (or does not approve);
  3. Both deans discuss funding models for spousal* [for example, will dean #1 offer some funding to dean #2? Does dean #2 have a vacancy that the candidate can fill? Can the provost assist in partial funding?] Information on funding must be shared with provost;
  4. If the spouse* is offered a position, (i) a variance through OEOC must be applied for; (ii) a letter of offer for the candidate is prepared, and (iii) an MOU between the two deans (cc. to provost) is developed. 

    The MOU should include:
    • Salary and who is funding—and for how long;
    • Length of offer;
    • Tenure track or non-tenure track;
    • What happens if there are negative reviews of the faculty member?
    • Other significant information

Please remember, all job offers are subject to all policies of the university and the Board of Trustees.  The MOU is between campus units and shall not be deemed, construed or interpreted to grant any rights in a job candidate.

*or equivalent long-term relationship