Academic Policy  1406.20

Faculty Handbook

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The Faculty Handbook contains or identifies policies and procedures for the information of University of Arkansas faculty members and administrators. The current edition is maintained (only) online. The authority for implementing additions and revisions is the provost. The Faculty Handbook editorial advisory committee consists of the vice provost for academic affairs, the chair of the Faculty, the chair of the Faculty Senate, and the secretary of the Faculty Senate/Faculty. The Handbook address is

Faculty Handbook Revision Process

The Handbook is reviewed each year for needed revisions. Policies on faculty activities are included, excerpted, or referenced in the Handbook, and the Handbook web site is linked to, or references, basic policy sources such as Board of Trustees policies and Fayetteville Policies and Procedures and Academic Policies.

Administrators and officers for areas covered in the Handbook will be asked to review or provide for the review of the Handbook text for their areas and submit any needed revisions, additions, or deletions no later than July 1 each year to the Office of the Provost.

The campus officers and administrators listed below will have the responsibility for providing for review of the actions during the year of governance bodies and of identifying any materials to add to or change Handbook contents and of submitting these materials to the vice provost for academic affairs.

  • Actions of the Faculty Senate–the chair of the Faculty Senate
  • Actions of the Faculty–the chair of the Faculty
  • Actions of the Campus Council–the chair of the Campus Council
  • Actions of the Staff Senate–the chair of the Staff Senate
  • Actions of the ASG–the vice chancellor for student affairs

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