Academic Policy  1435.50

Faculty Ranks and Titles and Research Assistant and Research Associate Positions

University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy 405.1 establishes the academic ranks/titles for faculty members at the system campuses. Consistent with Board policy, the specific and complete rank/title to which a faculty member is appointed should be entered on all appointment, employment, and personnel records and on all official correspondence. It is the responsibility of the employing college or school to ensure that the correct rank/title is used. It is particularly important that full title and rank be used, as omitting a modifier can cause the individual to be appointed to a tenure-track position rather than a non-tenure track position. Faculty titles may be used only for appointments to faculty positions.

Faculty appointments are for one year or less, and reappointment or termination must be made on an annual basis, consistent with performance review and other applicable deadlines and personnel policies.

The provisions of this policy apply to all faculty members, including adjunct faculty members who serve without pay.

Ranks/Titles in Use for the University of Arkansas

Tenure-track and tenured ranks include assistant professor, associate professor, professor, university professor, and distinguished professor as well as some of these titles followed by -Law, and some of these titles preceded by “Walton College of Business.”

Tenure-track and tenured non-teaching titles are director of libraries, librarian, associate librarian, assistant librarian, curator, associate curator, and assistant curator. Faculty with these titles will also have a tenure-track or tenured rank. Both the rank and the title must be stated in the appointment and on employment records.

Non-tenure-track rank/titles are instructor and lecturer and titles created by using one of the following title “modifiers” with one of the tenure-track ranks: adjunct, clinical, emeritus, executive in residence, research, and visiting. (Only one modifier may be used in any title, i.e., visiting assistant professor or research assistant professor, but not visiting research assistant professor.)

Preferred uses for these ranks/titles are as follows. Lecturer is normally reserved for temporary or part-time teaching appointments, and instructor is typically used for full-time teaching appointments that may be renewed from year to year. Typically adjunct is used as a modifier for either of two kinds of positions. The first is for individuals who are not paid. Such individuals have home positions in one department or program or outside the institution but also serve occasionally as faculty members in another area, often as members of graduate committees. Such individuals may have successive appointments, and each must be for no more than a year. The letter of offer must state the full adjunct title and department and school or college of appointment, state that the appointment is a courtesy appointment, without pay, but obligates the individual to comply with all applicable state and university policy, and state whether the individual is recommended or has graduate faculty status. Adjunct is also used as a modifier in titles for individuals who have paid temporary or part-time appointments. Such individuals typically do not have successive appointments. Clinical is used for some special appointments. Emeritus is a modifier in titles for individuals who have had this status conferred upon them by Board of Trustees action at or following retirement from service in faculty positions. Normally, individuals with this title are no longer employed; however the rank/title with emeritus should be used for any occasional or part-time employment in a comparable position following retirement. Typically, research is used as a modifier in titles for faculty members who have non-teaching research positions and who may be appointed in successive years. Visiting is typically used as a modifier in titles for faculty members who have paid, temporary full-time positions for one year or one term (and continuing, full-time positions elsewhere). Such individuals do not normally have successive appointments at the UA.

Research Assistant and Research Associate Positions (Non-classified/Non-faculty Positions)

Research Assistant and Research Associate positions/titles are used only for individuals who are employed for full-time research duties, unless a waiver is approved by the Vice Provost for Research.

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