Academic Initiatives and Integrity

The Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity strives to support a culture of honesty and personal and professional responsibility among University of Arkansas students, faculty, and staff through policy education outreach efforts. The Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity also facilitates the University’s process for alleged violations of the university's Academic Integrity Policy through the All-University Academic Integrity Board.

Faculty are encouraged to include this statement on their syllabus:

"As a core part of its mission, the University of Arkansas provides students with the opportunity to further their educational goals through programs of study and research in an environment that promotes freedom of inquiry and academic responsibility. Accomplishing this mission is only possible when intellectual honesty and individual integrity prevail.

Each University of Arkansas student is required to be familiar with and abide by the university’s ‘Academic Integrity Policy' at Students with questions about how these policies apply to a particular course or assignment should immediately contact their instructor."

Faculty and students can watch a video and learn more about academic integrity as it relates to them.