Changes to Grading Policy/Withdrawal Dates for 2020-21 Academic Year

Changes to Spring 2021 Grading Policy/Withdrawal Dates

  • Changes to Spring 2021 Grading Policy for Undergraduates: Grades of “F” for undergraduate students will automatically convert in the system to “NC” (No Credit) and will not count in the student’s grade-point average. This grading policy only affects undergraduate students and does not apply to graduate or law students.
  • Changes to Drop Deadline for Undergraduate and Graduate Students: The deadline (previously April 16) to drop an individual full semester course has been extended to April 29. This extension does not apply to law students.


Changes to Fall 2020 Grading Policy for Undergraduates

UPDATE 12/10/2020: The University of Arkansas has announced it will amend the grading and withdraw policies for the fall 2020 semester for only undergraduate students.

After careful consideration and input from our campus community, the Associated Student Government, and the Faculty Senate, the University of Arkansas has adopted changes to its grading and withdraw policies for fall 2020 for undergraduate students.


Undergraduate Student Grade Options for Fall 2020

All undergraduate students will initially be assigned a letter grade from their instructors for their fall 2020 classes. Undergraduate students can request to have their fall 2020 grades changed according to the following rules:

  • Undergraduate students who receive a grade of “C” or “D” can retroactively request to withdraw from the class until March 1, 2021.  Requests are allowed on a course by course basis, and students must petition each individual class for the retroactive withdraw.
  • Retroactive withdrawals are permanent and cannot be changed back to a grade once processed.
  • Undergraduate students who receive a grade of “F” will revert in the system to “NC” and will not count in GPA.

Students will be required to see an academic advisor and are encouraged to see a financial aid and/or scholarship advisor before submitting a petition.  Information on how to request a retroactive course withdrawal can be found on the Registrar website. Withdrawing from a class can have adverse effects on your degree completion, financial aid, and scholarships.   

Students in programs with state or national accreditation or licensure should consult with coordinators of their respective programs prior to requesting a withdraw.

For questions regarding the updated grading policy, contact:

For questions regarding how this policy may affect your scholarship, contact:


Graduate and Law Student Grade Options for Fall 2020

There are no changes in the grading policy for graduate and law students.