Arkansas Union Advisory Committee

Appointed by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

The Arkansas Union Advisory Committee makes recommendations on the formulation of general policy for the operation and use of the Arkansas Union, the allocation of union space and the monitoring of University Programs; it acts as an advisory body for the administration and business functions of the union.

Membership consists of six students at large; two students appointed by Associated Student Government (ASG); one faculty member nominated by the Committee on Committees; one staff member nominated by the Staff Senate; two other faculty or staff members appointed by the vice provost for the Division of Student Affairs; a representative from the Alumni Association; and, ex officio, the vice provost for the Division of Student Affairs or his or her designee, the president of University Programs or his or her designee; the ASG president or his or her designee; and, ex officio and nonvoting, the associate dean of students, the Arkansas Union Advisory Committee adviser, and the director of the Arkansas Union.

The members will elect a chairperson from among the six students at large.

Trevor Villines Associated Student Government representative 2017
Evan Forte Associated Student Government representative 2017
Molly Evans Student at Large 2019
Sophia Reiss Student at Large 2019
Madison Jacobs Student at Large 2019
Autumn Klein Student at Large 2019
Alexander Oswald Student at Large 2019
Warren Smith Student at Large 2019
Susan Stiers Staff Senate representative 2020
Richard Cassidy Faculty at Large 2019
LJ Shelton Faculty (appointed by Vice Provost for the Division of Student Affairs) 2020
Matt Meyers Staff (appointed by Vice Provost for the Division of Student Affairs) 2020
Ryan Miller Alumni Association representative 2020
Angela Williams Vice Provost for the Division of Student Affairs or designee*  
Eva Pugh University Programs President*  
Connor Flocks ASG President or designee*  
Lori Lander Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life*  
Rob Stagni Arkansas Union Director/Adviser*  
Lynne Bell Adviser*  

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 12/10/18