Disability Services Committee

Appointed by the Provost

The Disability Services Committee monitors disability needs and services for students within the schools and colleges and promotes consistency among the approaches and services provided. Members will also provide a liaison between their school, college or unit and the Center for Educational Access. The committee will be chaired by the director of the Center for Educational Access and will meet at least once each term.

Members will include a faculty representative nominated by the chair of the Faculty Senate, a representative from the Office of the Registrar and Financial Aid, and, ex officio, one of the directors of the Teaching and Faculty Support Center chosen by the three co-directors. There will also be a representative from each dean's office to represent the school, college or unit. Each dean will nominate someone to represent the school, college or unit who holds the position of associate dean or a comparable position, who is knowledgeable regarding disability compliance needs and practices, and who is assigned to work with individuals in the school, college or unit in implementing policies and procedures in this area. 

Jennifer Webb      Dean's representative
Fay Jones School of Architecture
Karen Boston Dean's representative
Sam M. Walton College of Business
Jeremiah Wax Dean's representative
Global Campus
Vicky Watkins Dean's representative
Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Science
Norm Dennis Dean's representative
School of Engineering
Tom Smith    Dean's representative
College of Education and Health Professions 
Chris Clanton Dean's representative
J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences
Pat Koski Dean's representative
Graduate School and International Education
Jeff Banks Dean's representative
Mullins Library
Katie Wilson Dean's representative
Honors College
Brent Williams Faculty at Large 2018
Dave Dawson Office of the Registrar 2018
Chris Hottinger Financial Aid 2018
Mary Savin  Co-director
Teaching and Faculty Support Center*
Katy Washington 
Center for Educational Access*
Toya Williams ADA Coordinator
Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance*

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 7/21/17