Disability Services Committee

Appointed by the Chancellor

The Disability Services Committee includes representatives from key stakeholders from the campus community who are involved with disability-related matters. The committee’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing compliance with legal requirements regarding disabilities
  • Ensures needs are met for visitors, students, faculty, and staff with disabilities
  • Recommends specific solutions for disability-related concerns to the appropriate university programs and offices. 

The committee meets regularly, but more on an adhoc basis to address accommodation requests and campus access issues

The committee reports to the Chancellor’s Office and is co-chaired by the ADA Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance and the Director for the Center for Educational Access.

The committee includes representatives from the following units:

Facilities Management Keith Roberts Director of Facility Operations and Management
Parking  Adam Waddell Assistant Business Manager, Parking
University IT Barb Kenny Assistant CIO
University Relations
(Website Management/
Section 508)
Chris Nixon Director of Digital Strategy
Registrar Dave Dawson Associate Vice Provost  for Enrollment Services and University Registrar
Office of the Provost Terry Martin Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Division of Agriculture Barbara Batiste Affirmative Action & Compliance Officer
Human Resources Lisa Milam Director of Recruitment and Workforce Management
Teaching & Faculty Support Center Lori Holyfield Co-Director, Teaching and Faculty Support Center
Professor of Sociology 
Center for Educational Access Laura James
Director, Center for Educational Access
Office of Equal Opportunity
& Compliance
J'onnelle A. Colbert-Diaz
Associate Director/Accommodation and Accessibility Coordinator & Senior HCM Administration Partner
Office of Equal Opportunity 
& Compliance
Danielle Williams* Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director - Office of Equal Opportunity & Compliance
*=ex officio