Enrollment Advisory Committee

Appointed by the Provost

The Enrollment Advisory Committee functions as an advisory group for Enrollment Services. The committee is charged with assessing and advising on processes connected with enrollment including recruitment (strategic recruitment and communications plans, materials, data, growth), registration (priority registration, the schedule of classes, classroom assignments, academic action, graduation), financial aid (packaging schedules, verifications, scholarships, disbursements) and retention. The group will also provide assistance in the coordination and implementation of academic information systems. 

Membership consists of two members of the Academic Affairs Council, one staff at large, a representative from the Academic Standards Committee (two-year appointment), two faculty members at large (two-year appointments), Faculty Senate chair, a representative from University of Arkansas Libraries, a nominee from the vice chancellor for diversity and community, and an ex officio representative from the Office of the Provost.  Representatives from each of following offices will also be included: Enrollment Services, Admissions, Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Academic Success, Student Affairs, Global Campus, Honors College, and the Graduate School and International Education. The Enrollment Data and Research Management Group will provide the committee with information and data as needed. The council will also work in partnership with the Academic Affairs Committee and will include other members of the campus community as needed for support.

The provost will designate a chairperson. Chair is non-voting except in a tie. 

Pearl Dowe Academic Affairs Council representative 2021
Shane Barker Academic Affairs Council representative 2020
Laurence Hare Staff at Large 2020
Julie Trivitt Academic Standards Committee 2020
Amanda Sullivan Faculty at Large 2020
Jim Gigantino Faculty at Large 2020
Kathleen Lehman Faculty Senate Chair 2019
Luis Restrepo (Xavier Medina Vidal, Interim) Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Community representative  2020
Suzanne McCray
Enrollment Services 2020
Wendy Stouffer Financial Aid 2020
Dave Dawson Office of the Registrar 2020
Trevor Francis Academic Success 2020
Florence Johnson Student Affairs 2020
Patty Milner Global Campus 2020
Noah Pitmann Honors College 2020
Lynn Mosesso      Graduate School and International Education 2020
Lora Lennertz University of Arkansas Libraries  2020
Terry Martin*     Office of the Provost representative  

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 11/27/18