Emergency Preparedness Council

Appointed by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs

The Emergency Preparedness Council recommends policies and plans for the development of emergency procedures.

Membership consists of three faculty members, one student representative from the Residence Halls Association; a member of the Associated Student Government (ASG) staff; a nonvoting representative from University Relations; and, ex officio, the directors of the Pat Walker Health Center, the Transit and Parking Department, Public Safety, University Housing, and Facilities Management; and the Environmental Health and Safety manager.

The members will elect a chairperson from among the group.

Ann Lofton Faculty 2019
Charleen McNeill Faculty 2019
Bill Schwab Faculty 2019
Vacant Student
Residence Hall Association
Vacant Student 
ASG Staff
Steve Voorhies University Relations representative (non-voting)  
Keith Roberts Director or designee
Facilities Maintenance*
Gary Smith Director 
Transit and Parking Department*
Mary Alice Serafini Director
Pat Walker Health Center*
Steve Gahagans
University of Arkansas Police Department*
Florence Johnson Director
University Housing*
Richard Ashworth Manager
Environmental Health & Safety*

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 10/10/17