Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (PHS Policy); the USDA Animal Welfare Act and Regulations (AWAR); the institutional Animal Welfare Assurance; the University Policy on Animal Care and Use; and all other applicable statutes and regulations pertaining to the use of live, vertebrate animals in research and teaching activities. All research protocols subject to oversight must be approved by the IACUC prior to initiation.

The IACUC shall comprise, at minimum, five members. Members are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (VCRI). At least one member must hold a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. One member must be a scientist who has experience conducting research with animals. One member must be a non-scientist from a discipline that does not conduct animal research. One member must be unaffiliated with the university except for his/her appointment on the IACUC; this member must not be an immediate family member of anyone affiliated with the university. The attending veterinarian is an ex officio, voting member of the IACUC. The Director of Research Compliance is an ex officio, non-voting member. The VCRI shall appoint an IACUC Chair, and, at his/her discretion, a Vice Chair who serves in the Chair’s absence, from among the members who have served at least one year on the committee.

Nominations to the committee may be made from the deans of the colleges with activities overseen by the IACUC or from other individuals familiar with the committee’s roles and responsibilities. No more than two members of the IACUC may be from the same administrative unit (departmental level) of the university. 

The VCRI may, at his/her discretion, periodically make changes to the IACUC’s composition to meet the evolving research needs of the University upon the approval of the provost.

Jennifer Mortensen Biological Sciences 2025
Kristian Forbes Biological Sciences 2023
J.D. Willson, alternate Biological Sciences 2025
Woodrow Shew Physics 2025
Kyle Quinn College of Engineering 2025
Jeff Wolchok College of Engineering 2025
Narasimhan Rajaram, alternate College of Engineering 2025
Nicholas Greene, Chair Health, Human Performance, and Recreation 2025
Tyrone Washington, alternate Health, Human Performance, and Recreation 2025
Samantha Robinson, Vice Chair Mathematics,
Ken Jensen Community Member Standing member
Kate Williams* Attending Veterinarian Standing member
Shatara Porchia-White** Research Integrity and Compliance Standing member
Robb Jones* Alternate Attending Veterinarian Standing member
*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting