Patent & Copyright Committee

Appointed by the Chancellor

The Patent & Copyright Committee is responsible for reviewing invention disclosures submitted to the university for patenting consideration; evaluating inventions for patentability, as well as scientific merit and practical application; appointing ad hoc technical subcommittees to assist the committee in evaluating inventions; seeking university approval of outside technical assistance in evaluating inventions; determining patent or related property rights or equities held by the university in an invention; providing scientific and technical assistance to approved patent management organizations to achieve the realization of full benefits of university inventions that have commercial potential; seeking initial resolution of campus disputes relating to rights in inventions; and reviewing works of authorship (including computer software) submitted for copyright consideration. Disclosures for patentable or copyrightable material emanating from the Fayetteville campus and the Division of Agriculture shall be administratively controlled by this committee.

The committee shall meet no less than quarterly.

Membership consists of no fewer than eight faculty members, four of whom are appointed from the Division of Agriculture by the vice president for agriculture; and, ex officio, non-voting, the director of Research Support and Sponsored Programs, the president of the University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, and the Vice Chancellor for Economic Development.

A chairperson shall be elected from the committee membership.

Wayne Kuenzel
Division of Agriculture 2026
Trent Roberts Division of Agriculture 2023
Jennifer Acuff Division of Agriculture 2026
John Rupe Division of Agriculture 2025
Raj Rao Faculty 2026
Ines Pinto Faculty 2024
Shannon Servoss Faculty 2026
Wes Stites Faculty 2026
Jake Grandy Faculty 2025
Jean Francois-Meullenet Assoc Vice Pres -Exper Station**   
David Edward Snow President
University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation**
John English Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation**  
David Edward Snow (Interim) Vice Chancellor for Economic Development**  

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting