Public Safety Council

Appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration   

The Public Safety Council serves as a monitor of the activities of the University of Arkansas Police Department, and makes recommendations concerning its operation.

Membership consists of six faculty members; three staff members, one of whom shall be the staff member responsible for coordinating the employee worker’s compensation program; three students; and, ex officio members, the director of University of Arkansas Police Department and the director of the Transit and Parking Department. The chairperson is elected from the faculty members. 

Kathryn Revelle Student 2018
Devyn Hinds Student 2018
Austin Morris Student 2018
Brooke Moore Staff
Workers’ Compensation
Jozef Laincz Faculty at Large 2018
Deborah Kulczak Faculty at Large 2018
Jason Endacott Faculty at Large 2019
Kent Kovacs Faculty at Large 2019
Findlay Edwards Faculty at Large 2017
Janine Parry 

Faculty at Large 2017
Carrie Sparks  Staff 2018
Shelby Hanson Staff 2020
Steve Gahagans Director
University of Arkansas Police Department*
Gary Smith Director
Transit and Parking Department*

*=ex officio
**=ex officio non-voting

Updated 10/2/17